Mobile Web

Mobile Web

What is Mobile Web?

MemberDirect® Mobile Services for Mobile Web is online banking optimized for mobile phones.  It does not require you to download or install any application and is designed specifically for use with smart phones.


  • access and convenience of banking on your mobile phone
  • view account balances and account history
  • safe and secure with Increased Authentication and the same passwork protection as MemberDirect Integrated Services
  • pay bills (immediate and scheduled)
  • transfer funds (immediate and scheduled)
  • locate a Credit Union branch or ATM near you
  • memorized accounts
  • affix an icon on the home screen of your mobile phone, if supported
  • manage your budget and spending by checking your balances before making a purchase
  • verify accounts and track transactions securely

How Do I Access This Service?

On your smart phone simply go to to login to MemberDirect using Mobile Web.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mobile Web different from online banking?

Mobile Banking for the Mobile Web offers the main online banking functionality optimized for the small screeen size of a mobile phone.

Is my personal information as secure in Mobile Web as in Online Banking?

Yes, personal information is just as secure because your login is passwork protected and increased authenticiation is supported.

What does it cost to use Mobile Web?

Any transactional service fees applicable to online banking will be charged when processing those transactions within Mobile Web.  As well, your cellular carrier may charge you any applicable data rates.

What if I lose my phone?  Will my banking information be compromised?

No, if you lose your phone, your accounts may only be accessed if someone has the correct login credentials.

How is Mobile Web different from a downloadable app from my data provider's app store?

Downloadable apps from cellular and data carriers will only work on the phones supported by that company.  Mobile Web is functional on any mobile phone with a desktop class browser and is not limited to one particiular phone.  While there are some benefits to downloadable apps, Mobile Web service targets a larger number of phones.

Can I add an icon for Mobile Web to my home screen?

Yes, if your data plan supports this feature, simply navigate to and then select "add to home screen".  Our branded logo instantly appears on your phone.

Is the URL different to access Mobile Web than to access Online Banking?

The only change is that Mobile Web requires a "/m" at the end of the our online banking website URL.  So you simply go to to access Mobile Web.