Electronic Savings Package - Convenience at the right price!


Package includes unlimited electronic debit transactions, including, direct payment purchase (POS), CU ATM withdrawals, Teleservice/Telpay withdrawal, ATM bill payments, MemberDirect bill payments

Whether you're building a savings nest egg, putting money aside for an emergency, planning for a major purchase or looking ahead to the month when auto insurance, property taxes and other major bills come due, there’s a savings account suited to your needs at New Ross Credit Union.

With competitive interest rates and flexibility, you’ll reach your savings goals at your own pace, one deposit at a time. With deposit insurance, you have peace of mind as your savings grow.

Plan 24
A daily interest savings account that provides a good way to save with convenient access to funds.

Tiered Savings
A multi-level savings program designed to provide high earning power with a competitive rate of return and access to funds anytime.

Equity Share
Equity shares represent equity in your Credit Union and forms part of your own personal wealth.