Tiered Savings

A multi-level savings program designed to provide higher earning power than a Plan 24 Daily Interest Saving Account with competitive rates of return that increase at pre-determined levels as your balance grows and allows you access to funds anytime.


  • The greater the balance, the more money earned
  • Potential for higher returns
  • Convenient 24-hour ATM access
  • Access to account through ATM, direct debit, MemberDirect® Online Banking
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly

Competitive Advantage

  • When the account balances exceeded a new rated level, New Ross Credit Union pays interest on the total amount in the higher category.  For example:  If the interest rate on a balance up to $4999 is 1% and over $5000 is 2%; on a balance of $5500 a rate of 2% would be paid on the entire balance, rather than 1% on $4999 and 2% on $501.