Deposit Anywhere

Deposit Anywhere with New Ross Credit Union - Giving "DIRECT DEPOSIT" a whole new meaning!

New Ross Credit Union is pleased to launch Deposit Anywhere™!  This latest technology builds upon the features of the Mobile Banking App and provides our members with the convenience of depositing a cheque anytime without having to visit a branch.  It is as simple as taking a picture with your Apple or Android device!

What is Deposit Anywhere™?

Deposit Anywhere™ is a time-saving feature of our Mobile Banking App that allows you to conveniently and securely deposit cheques to your New Ross Credit Union account - wherever and whenever you want - using your mobile device.  Simply open the Mobile Banking App, tap "deposit" and select the account that you want to deposit into, enter the amount of the cheque that you want to deposit, snap a picture of the front and back of the cheque with your mobile device and choose submit deposit.  The credit to your account is immediate, subject to standard hold periods, and you are able to view the transaction instantly through our Mobile App or MemberDirect®.  Then you simply write "DEPOSITED VIA MOBILE" and the date of the deposit on the cheque in an area that will not obscure any material information on the cheque and retain the cheque for 90 days after the date of the deposit, at which time it then must be destroyed.

It's Convenient!

The Deposit Anywhere™ feature will save you time by allowing you to deposit all your cheques, instantly, from anywhere, without having to come to a branch and the deposit can be made at anytime!  There is no daily deposit limit.  There is no limit to the number of cheques that you can deposit using the app.

It's Free!

New Ross Credit Union members can download the Mobile App, including the Deposit Anywhere™ feature, for free by searching for "New Ross Credit Union" in the app store, or simply visiting our Mobile App page and following the instructions.

It's Safe!

Deposit Anywhere™ uses the same level of security as the Mobile App, which is as secure as online banking.  The security features are regularly updated and improved to reflect the newest advancements in online security.  It is equipped with password protection, it supports increased authentication and your mobile phone can be password protected by you, as well.

It's Easy!

See just how easy it is by watching this quick tutorial which will guide you through the six step deposit process.

It's Popular!

Cheque deposit via mobile banking is the fastest growing type of payment in the United States, and is expanding rapidly in Canada.  Deposit Anywhere™ is among the first apps to offer this service in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the image quality is poor?

Deposit Anywhere™ performs over 30 image quality assurance tests to ensure that the image is accurate and that each field can be read.  If the image does not meet all the criteria, it fails and the member is instructed to take a new picture.

What happens if the same cheque is deposited twice?

An item is considered a duplicate when two items have the same cheque number, account, transit and amount.  Deposit Anywhere™ will recognize duplicate items that are depoisted through the mobile Remote Data Capture (mRDC) stream.  This will stop an item being deposited twice via mobile banking.  The software does not detect items deposited twice at other credit unions or in any form other than Deposit Anywhere™.  If an item that has been deposited via Deposit Anywhere™ is deposited again using another banking method, the duplicate item will be returned via the central clearing system subject to CPA rules for dishonoring duplicate items.  Members using Deposit Anywhere™ should ensure that once the deposit is complete they indicate on the cheque that it has been completed.  New Ross Credit Union recommends writing "DEPOSITED VIA MOBILE" and the date on the cheque in an area that will not obsure any material information on the cheque.

Can I deposit a foreign currency cheque using Deposit Anywhere™?

Currently Deposit Anywhere™ can only deposit Canadian currency cheques.


Deposit Anywhere™ is a registered trademark owned by Central 1 Credit Union.

MemberDirect® is a registered trademark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.