Mobile Banking

Mobile banking gives you real-time access to your accounts easily and conveniently - anytime, anywhere.  You can better manage your money and budget your spending by being able to check your balance before making a purchase.  You can also verify your account and track transactions being processed.  Just send a quick text message to your account and you'll receive a message back.  It's fast, it's easy and it's free.  (* Standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your provider and plan)

It works on all text-enabled phones, with any carrier, as long as you can send and receive text messages.

Check account balances and recent account activity information from anywhere you can get a signal - instantly!  You'll get the account information you want, when you need it.  There is no need to find a computer to check your account balance.  You will have peace of mind with the ability to instantly check what activity has taken place with your account.

Your personal information is always secure because the only information that is transmitted is your account balance or your recent account activity.  Even if you lose your phone, no one will be able to make changes to your account, access funds, personal or financial information.  It's quick and easy to cancel mobile banking if needed.

Check out the demo above to see how easy it is.

Signing Up

Getting started with mobile banking is easy.  All you need is access to online banking.  If you don't have online access, please contact either of our branches to sign up today.

If you are already an online banking user:

  1. Login to online banking and click on mobile banking
  2. Enter your mobile phone information
  3. You will receive a text message with your passcode
  4. Confirm your passcode and select the accounts you want to access with mobile banking

Using Mobile Banking

Text any of the following commands to MONEY (66639) and receive your account information on your phone:

ACT - For the account activity of your primary account

ACT (account nickname) - For the account activity of a specific account

BAL - For the balance of your primary account

BAL ALL - For the balances of all your accounts

BAL (account nickname) - For the balance of a specific account

DISABLE - To temporarily disable your phone

HELP - For a list of the commands you can use

INFO - For contact info about your credit union

STOP - To permanently delete your phone from mobile banking

Disabling Mobile Banking

If you temporarily misplace your cell phone (ie. you leave it at work), you can disable mobile banking by visiting the Mobile Banking Preferences page within online banking.  Once you locate your phone, simply go online and enable the feature again.

If you have permanently lost your phone or if it is stolen, please contact your cell phone carrier immediately and follow their recommended procedures.  You can delete your mobile phone completely from Mobile Banking by visiting the Mobile Banking Preferences page within online banking.

Using Mobile Banking Ouside of Canada

This service is designed to work on mobile phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network.  However, if your carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, you can expect Mobile Banking to work.  Please note that the service outside of Canada is on a best efforts basis only.