Helping You Get Ahead . . . Moneywise


With a HEADSTART® account you are on your way to gaining a real moneywise advantage.  Money, like time, needs to be managed.  With a HEADSTART account you can put your money to work for you and keep it safe too!

With the power of compounding, regular deposits to your HEADSTART account can quickly grow to help you reach you short and long-term goals; like, college travel, a new stereo or video game, a new bike or whatever you want, its your call.  But you are guaranteed to be on the move!

The Power of Compount Interest

(example only)








 2 years

 2 years

 2 years

 2 years

 Periodic Interest Rate





 Compounding Period

 6 months




 After 6 Months





 After 1 Year





 After 18 Months





 After 24 Months






  • Convenient access 24/7 via in branch cash withdrawals, cheques, debit card, MemberDirect® Online Banking and Teleservice®
  • No service fees
  • Free personalized cheques
  • Monthly statement or passbook
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly





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