CU Kids

Give Your Child The Gift That Grows With Them!


A CU Kids Savings Account will allow your child to take pride in watching their savings grow from a very young age.  Our initial gift to them, as well as, additional deposits from you and family to mark birthdays, passing of grades, or special holidays will start your child on the road to financial success.

Your child will quickly learn that putting money aside can help them achieve future goals, perhaps a bicycle, video game, or a favorite toy.  They will begin to see the value in saving their pennies and making deposits to their Credit Union Account.

After they reach the age of 12, their savings account can be easily converted into a Credit Union account designed for teens that provides them with all the conveniences they will need, including, electronic services such as a debit card.


  • Interest is calculated each day on the closing daily balance and paid to the account monthly
  • No service fees
  • Accessible in-branch or via, MemberDirect® Online Banking or Teleservice
  • Designed to allow you to build your savings to work toward a short-term or long-term goal.

Our Gift:

As a gift to your child, we will purchase their first shares in New Ross Credit Union.  This means that very cent that your child saves in their account will begin to earn interest and increase in value for their future!




Credit Union Kids!