Receiving an e-Transfer

Receiving An e-Transfer

Money received by an INTERAC® e-transfer will be deposited directly into your New Ross Credit Union account.  When you recieve the email telling you that you have an e-Transfer, you will have to complete the following steps to receive it:

  1. Click the link in the email; you will be directed to a website operated by a subsidiary of Interac®, called Certapay
  2. Follow the instructions provided on Certapay and select "New Ross Credit Union"
  3. Follow the instructions on Certapay to login to MemberDirect Online Banking
  4. Once you log in to MemberDirect you will need to answer the security question, indicated during the recipient setup, to continue
  5. Select the New Ross Credit Union account to which you want to deposit the funds


® Trademark of INTERAC Inc.  Used under license

* There is a service fee of $2.50 to send or receive an e-Transfer.

** Processing time is dependent on internet service and financial institution connectivity.