Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer

Interac® e-Transfers are now available at New Ross Credit Union.

New Ross Credit Union members now have the convenience of Interac® e-Transfers, which allows the sending or transfer of funds to anyone with a valid email address and an account at any Canadian financial institution, within minutes!  It is simple, convenient and secure!

Use Interac® e-Transfers to ...

  • send money to children who are living away or attending post-secondary education
  • send a gift to family or friends
  • pay your rent electronically
  • pay for online purchase
  • pay money owed to a friend

and much, much, much more ...


  • send and receive money directly from and to your existing bank account
  • there is no need to share personal or financial information; keep our address, phone number, and all account information private and secure
  • security features protect your transfer from being deposited in error to an unintended recipient
  • e-mail carries the notification, so there is no need for mailing transaction details

Is it safe?

With Interac® e-Transfers our money never actually travels by email.  Email is only used to notify the recipient and to provide them with instructions on how to deposit money.  New Ross Credit Union and your recipient's financial institution transfer funds using established and secure banking procedures.

Get started with Interac® e-Transfer ...

Create a registration profile and recipient list

Send an e-Transfer

Receive an e-Transfer

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ reference or contact either branch directly to speak with us.