Regardless of your income level, with careful long-term planning, you can accumulate enough savings to enjoy retirement. The most important considerations when planning for retirement are security, flexibility, and growth potential. New Ross Credit Union can help you with expert advice to help you figure out the most affordable way for you to start investing in your future!

Maximize future returns. Save on taxes. Make more money. It's that simple! We can help you understand RRSPs, show you the different investment options available, explain the short and long term benefits, and help prepare an RRSP plan that makes sense for your future.

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)

An RRSP is a government approved plan through which you save money for your retirement years.  Your contributions, within limits, are tax deductible, and the income earned is tax sheltered.  By investing money when you can most afford it during your peak earning years, you can build up a comfortable retirement fund with the least amount of impact to your household budget.  Not only do you invest money that would otherwise be paid in taxes, but the earnings of your plan are not taed until you withdraw them.  Since 100% of these earnings can be reinvested and compounded, the growth of your RRSP increases rapidly over the years.

At New Ross Credit Union we offer compound interest semi-annually! You get interest on your RRSP not once, but twice a year- that's interest on the interest. We call it "the snowball effect". Over time, your original investment can snowball into thousands of dollars more in interest. Let us help you turn your dreams of financial security into a reality. It doesn't take a lot to make a lot.


  • Save more or retire earlier with semi-annual compounding benefit.
  • Variable and Fixed Rate plans available.
  • RRSP terms from 6 months to 7 years
  • Redeemable option available at time of investment
  • Secure investment with principal and interest guaranteed.
  • Deposit insurance protection.

Ask for advice on getting a head start on next year's contribution with convenient monthly RRSP deposits or find out how any RRSP loan can benefit you and your future! Contributing for a spouse also provides opportunities for income splitting when you retire.

There are many possibilities.  At New Ross Credit Union we focus on your needs to find the product that supports your future and your goals.